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By incorporating pre-Hispanic Taíno and South American shamanic instruments including the maraca, and the mayowacan; celebrating equinoxes, solstices, and phases of the moon; and allowing ancestors and spirit guides to lead her practice, the practice not only rejects colonization but indigenizes our spirituality and values. Mateo does not seek total reversion to Taíno practice prior to European contact but bases her practice in cultural syncretism informed by Taíno and African spirituality, her research in Indigenous South America, and her own spiritual experience. These influences enrich Sacred Taíno Healing and embodies the dynamism of her Caribbean heritage. Through her practice, we not only heal ourselves but strengthen our relationships to each other, the Earth, and our ancestors.

Mateo, empowered by her Afro-Indigenous culture and lineage, brings a well-versed background in her shamanic and healing practice. Her studies include Core Shamanism, practical animism, and ancestral healing. She is certified by the Healing Mind Center as a shamanic Star Walker, a level two Reiki practitioner, was mentored by Afro-Taíno liborista Reyna Alejandro Jimenez, and studied with medicine men and women in South American shamanism. She also offers her healing and ceremonial services in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

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