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Shamanic Cord Cutting Ritual

Human beings evolve to be social. Our lives unfold around interactions with people throughout our life. We become energetically connected at a heart and mind level to the people we interact with, and when the relationship is healthy, we develop a life-affirming, balanced and reciprocal connection. But sometimes, this is not the case, and we connect with people whose energies are harming us at spiritual and emotional levels, limiting our life force.

The shamanic cord-cutting is a spiritual ritual that severs the unhealthy cord connection attached to people in your life. This shamanic ritual will help you connect with your spirit animal to support you in changing the energies of a current relationship, shifting it from unhealthy and unbalanced to one based on healthy reciprocity. This offering is a healing session and a class; it's a ritual that you will learn and be able to do by yourself anytime you need it.

To benefit from this shamanic cord-cutting ritual, you will need the support of your power animal. If you have not had your power animal retrieval ceremony yet, please book that before the Shamanic Cord Cutting.

The investment for a remote session is $125
The investment for an in person session is $150

Payment plans available for remote and in person sessions
BIPOC millennials from the Sacred Taino Healing Community please write to ceremoniessacretainohealing@gmail.com for booking.

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