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Shamanic Divination

This is a visionary practice that has been developed for centuries in the indigenous communities of Abya Yala (Americas). The Akutu enters into a non-ordinary state of consciousness to get the help of her compassionate spirit guides to bring the answers to the questions requested by the person. Using a shamanic tool, the answer starts to unfold, sparking a conversation that evolves into a spiritual counseling, dictated by the compassionate spirit helpers. The answer usually leads to other questions that will resolve the divination quest.

The Session

You bring a question for divination to the session where we will sit and face each other. Akutu Irka, listening to her compassionate spirit guides, will elaborate on the answers, and engage in spiritual counseling to get at the root of your inquiry.

This session lasts 1:15 minutes conducted remotely via Zoom and 1:30 minutes conducted in person.

The investment for a remote session is $125
The investment for an in person session is $150

Payment plans available for remote and in person sessions
BIPOC millennials from the Sacred Taino Healing Community please write to ceremoniessacretainohealing@gmail.com for booking.

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