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Power Animal Retrieval ︎︎︎

Some of our indigenous relatives from the Amazon give a power animal to every child that is born in their villages. This is a belief and tradition that has been passed on for centuries.

Shamanic Divination ︎︎︎

The Akutu enters into a non-ordinary state of consciousness to get the help of her compassionate spirit guides to bring the answers to the questions requested by the person.

Breaking Patterns ︎︎︎

From a shamanic point of view, when a person experiences a trauma or harsh difficulties in life it creates a pattern that will lodge in specific places of the body. Once there, this outdated and unwanted feeling and behavior will inform the responses to the current life situations.

Despojo or Clearing and Protection ︎︎︎

You can benefit from this ceremony if you have experienced rough times or have been dealing with toxic people or environment for a period of time.

Shamanic Cord Cutting Ritual ︎︎︎

In this new healing session, we will work with interpersonal relationships. It is a shamanic ritual that allows cutting a negative connection dynamic and transforming it into a healthy reciprocal relationship.

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